Tiles for flooring:

Available in traditional sizes, with the advantage of particularly thin tiles (up to 6 mm in size for a 300 x 300 mm tile).

Floating floors:

Engineered Stone is suitable for the realisation of raised access floors with all the systems available on the market, either through the production of panels by means of lamination with slabs of reduced thickness, or by using slabs of higher thickness.

Interior coverings:

Produced in sizes and thickness as required, within the maximum size limits of the slabs; the surface finish may be polished, honed, sand blasted, etc.

External coverings:

A chemical treatment is sometimes recommended to protect the surfaces from atmospheric agents in particularly critical applications; with or without this chemical treatment the Engineered Stones have given good results for the realisation of ventilated façades with polished surfaces; the panels, also with honed or sand blasted surfaces (in these cases without resorting to chemical treatment) are adapted to the installation with all the modern anchoring systems (the possibility to use very thin slabs makes the installation particularly economic).

Countertops for bathrooms:

Can be supplied in the desired thickness, with the related cutting or faucet holes; moreover, thanks to the dimensions of the slabs, special washbasins can be produced without joints, up to a length of 3 meters, for use in the public facilities.

Countertops for kitchens:

On the basis of detailed drawings or with the aid of shapes cut to measure, kitchen counters and shelves can be produced in any shape and size; they can also be protected against stains with special products.

Other building components:

Engineered Stones are also suitable for the production of skirting, risers, back splashes, door frames, window-sills, steps and other building components.

Furnishings accessories:

Engineered Stones have also been used successfully in the field of furnishing accessories; the material is suitable for various applications, such as tabletops and fireplace coverings.
The possibility to use Engineered Stone in the production of semi-finished products with specific requirements, such as steps for use in self-bearing stairways, which are produced from two laminated slabs with fibreglass mesh in the middle, is of particular interest (these slabs can then be polished on both sides); the structural elements obtained with this method have extremely high resistance to bending and these stairs can be installed and connected with special metallic connections.