The limitless range of colours;

The constant colour of supplies over the long term (the Engineered product is not tied to one particular quarry of origin, since it is manufactured industrially);

Homogeneity of physical, mechanical and aesthetic properties, since crushing the marble, granite, feldspar or quartz to obtain the granulated material eliminates all inherent defective states in the natural stone;

The possibility to have large sized slabs;

The greater resilience (thanks to the presence of the resin the agglomerate material displays pronounced resistance to collision, while ceramics are a well-known fragile material);

The aesthetic value conferred by the granulated material;

The availability of thin slabs;

The better physical and mechanical characteristics (in particular the lower porosity);

The aesthetic value;

Minimal bacteria growth;

Low waste;

Easy polishing, cutting and manufacturing;

Long lifetime and durability.