Ethical principles agreed upon by A.St.A. World-wide and its members

On joining A.St.A. WORLD-WIDE, each manufacturer becomes part of a respected industry group with shared values and a commitment to:

  • contribute to sustainable development by providing safe and reliable products in an environmentally and socially responsible manner;
  • conduct production and activities in accordance with applicable law related to environmental and social issues and ethical business practices;
  • improve performance in addressing environmental and social issues; and
  • develop, share and promote implementation of sound practices and solutions with others in the industry, and engage with stakeholders in order to take into account their expectations, concerns, ideas and views, and work with government and non-government organizations.

Associates are required to comply with the regulations in this Article of Association as well as with all resolutions which, pursuant to the law and to the Articles of Association, are taken by the Association’s competent Bodies.

Particularly, the following obligations must be followed by the Associate manufacturers:

  • no children at work;
  • respect for the health of the employers;
  • respect of all the human rights;
  • respect for the environment;
  • quality and safety of any finished product;
  • fair play in the market activities.

Associates also undertake not to deal with, and in any case not to settle issues of principle or union issues which could even indirectly affect the primary interests of the trade. The Board can resolve to apply penalties if associates default on their obligations.